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We are a collaborative logistics business with the expertise, technology and relationships that enable us to give our customers and carriers the edge in the New Zealand logistics environment.

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Collaborative Logistics


Two major road transport providers in the Waikato, Cochrane Transport and NZL Group, joined forces and formed a joint venture company called “Dairy Transport Logistics” (DTL) to provide a more integrated transport solution to the then New Zealand Dairy Group.

DTL’s role was to combine the significant volumes of dairy product moved around the country with other business commodities and offer smarter transport solutions, better fleet utilisation, more consistent back loading opportunities, improved service levels and a joint commitment to capture and build future innovation.


15 years on DTL is a true 4PL offering a fully outsourced end to end supply chain solution covering road, rail and coastal transport options, as well as container management, warehousing and distribution services.

DTL can offer customers greater levels of efficiency and productivity across all their logistics requirements. We are creating virtual networks with key NZ cargo owners by leveraging and optimising the scale generated by an ever growing dairy industry.

Our people and systems are world class and allow us to provide collaborative logistics solutions and optimised freight movements, creating value for customers and carriers alike.

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Our Team

The DTL difference comes from our people, our partnerships, our technology and our scale, all working together to make the most of our nationwide logistics network for the benefit of New Zealand.


Our sustainability strategy is driven by our mission to make the most out nationwide logistics network. 

Reducing the environmental impact 

By taking trucks off the roads (HPMV) and moving more by rail and coastal, DTL is actively reducing the impact on the environment. Over the past year the DTL network has moved 24% more on rail than the previous year, and taken a total of 1,400 trucks off the road while moving the same volume of product.

Supporting local communities 

Our business model is underpinned by partnerships with strong regional logistics players. This regional strength comes from using 65 carriers across New Zealand and working closely with these carriers to growing capability, capture innovation and ensure the profits are returned to the communities. We are promoting regional growth and respecting and supporting the communities where we move freight. 

Lowering the cost to serve 

As we build both regional and national partnerships, our focus is on lowering the cost to serve and optimising existing assets, rather than simply using competitive tension to continually lower the price. Our business is all about making our carrier base more efficient, and then also ensuring these efficiencies are passed on to customers. The result is a more sustainable supply chain that ensures New Zealand remains competitive on the global stage. 

Our commitment to the future 

The momentum within DTL is strong to further refine and drive our sustainability goals; to reduce the environmental impact of our operations, ensure we have an economic model that promotes growth, and to support the societies and communities our operations impact the most. 

We are always focused on future thinking and looking for opportunities to develop innovative sustainable solutions.  We recognise that we cannot do this alone and believe that strategic innovation with customers, the government, industry forums and key thought leaders will be necessary to support our people, our communities and the environment for generations to come.