DTL Drives Sustainability With Intermodal Freight Hub

7 March 2014

DTL Business Update

DTL is one of New Zealand's largest logistics providers and the major mover of dairy product around New Zealand. They have recently signed an agreement to lease an 8000m2 facility at Goodman’s Savill Drive in Otahuhu, South Auckland. DTL will develop this site into the first of a number of dairy compliant intermodal freight hubs and cross-docks to be positioned at key locations around New Zealand.

DTL Chief Executive, Scott Brownlee, says the development will deliver long term sustainable benefit to New Zealand’s supply chain. "We move significant volumes of dairy product up and down New Zealand each year. With this facility DTL will be able to offer customers back loading options that will essentially allow us to fill trucks and trains in both directions."

"We will be able to put more freight on rail, resulting in about thirty fewer trucks on the roads each night. We will also be able to better utilise our current truck fleet by reducing empty running," said Scott Brownlee.

"Ultimately this initiative will take waste out of the New Zealand logistics network and deliver sustainable improvements to New Zealand's overall supply chain.

"The strategically located rail-served freight hub at Savill Drive is situated close to many cargo owners and is in easy reach of North Island major ports. Initially it will receive export-bound dairy product via rail from the lower North Island.

"DTL will then coordinate Auckland based freight and imports for distribution via rail back down to the lower North Island. This will create a fully utilised rail loop for freight moving between Auckland and Palmerston North.

"DTL will manage these end to end freight movements in both directions to ensure the service and compliance requirements of customers are maintained."

The concept site will go live in September in preparation for the FY15 dairy season.


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